Company profile

profileLPGas is the modern integrated sector of IncTek, which specializes in studies and placement of Autogas systems in vehicles.

The purpose of LpGas is to provide modern solutions to LPG applications for private and commercial vehicles.

The experience and knowledge of LPGas comes from the huge and long-term expertise of IncTek (Established 1979), on the vehicle electronic management systems, fuel injection systems analysis and advanced diagnostics of the above.

We work with some of the largest global companies such as BRC, ELPIGAZ, ERC, providing expert systems for all types of vehicles - engines.

LpGas staff is highly trained in the facilities of the factory production systems and updated continuously on new products - technologies.

Having attended international symposiums and exhibitions, we are members of World LPGas Association (, the European association working on LPG AEGPL and involved in efforts to promote LPG as an alternative ecological motor fuel.

In modern fully equipped facilities we offer customized solutions depending on the type of vehicle and the needs of the owner.

We will be happy to discuss with you your needs and help to ensure your car to be both economical and environmentally friendly.